Tronstol E4 Automatic Pick & Place Machine

E4 is a high-speed, precise equipment for placing components.  It has a wide range of applications and can mount a variety of  materials, such as: RC(0201,0402,) QFP QFN, BGA, LED,  common lamp beads, etc. XV axis uses the structure of screw  guide&guide rail ensures the stability of mechanical  movement, and servo closed-loop system ensures the  accuracy of placement. E4 adopts CCD 3D laser flying camera,  which can identify and scan various types of components, and it also improves the actual mounting speed. E4 uses automatic pocket recognition and SMART feeders with location  recognition for faster setup.


Fast production setup
SMART feeders, automatic  pocket recognition,  automatic calibration of  feeder bank, automatic  nozzle exchanger and  nozzle recognition make  the project setup easy and  fast.

Open software
The Linux system can meet your needs for customized software functions, and can match the placement of different application scenarios.

Offline programming
Through the offline software independently developed by Tronstol, you can edit files directly on the computer without occupying the machine. This greatly improves work efficiency.


Automatic Pick & Place Machine for prototyping to mid volumes with following features:

  • 4 placing heads with flying vision, 10000 cph
  • ball screw guides
  • removable SMART electric feeders, 52 locations
  • removable feeder bank, quick recalibration
  • tape, vibration and label feeders including tray pick-up
  • wide range of nozzles(Samsung CN type)
  • automatic nozzle exchanger
  • bottom camera for BGAs and big ICs, max. component size 26x26 mm
  • optional 30x30 mm camera
  • 0201 to ultra-fine pitch placement
  • automatic centering of tape pockets
  • integrated conveyor with SMEMA interface
  • intuitive interface, Linux desktop for improved stability and customization, remote support over Wi-Fi
  • integrated vacuum pump
  • max. PCB size: 310 x 1500 mm
  • max. component height: 8 mm
  • Required power supply: 220VAC/ 150W
  • Dimensions and weight: 101x88x135 CM, 98 kg net, 209 kg gross


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