LPKF ProtoLaser H4

Best from both worlds on the table: fast and straight drilling without taper also on thick substrates and fastest surface processing with minor to none surface damage.

Main Applications – IR Laser
Precise structuring / ablation /laser etching of conductive metal layers on:

  • Standard FR4, single, double-sided, 5-35um Cu
  • Some RF materials, PTFE or ceramic filled, double-sided, processed only on a one side
  • Dupont Pyralux AC, Al on PET
  • ProMask ablation
  • Line / Space: 100 µm / 50 µm


Mechanical Drilling & Routing

  • HF spindle with 60.000 rpm
  • Pneumatic collet release
  • 1/8” (3,175 mm) collet
  • Standard 38mm drill bits and routers
  • Magazine for 6 tools
  • Automatic tool exchange with depth adjustment
  • Seamless workflow on one system (i.e marking drills with laser)



  • Drilling & routing thicker materials i.e. multilayers
  • Straight, smooth holes – THP


New CircuitPro RP

  • UI based on known CircuitPro for ProtoLasers 3.5
  • Newly designed mechanical tool libraries added
  • Processes for mechanical drilling and routing added from CircuitPro for ProtoMat
  • one system, one software
  • Workflow distinguish between laser and mechanical drilling, cutting