Score, seats to suit!

A good and healthy sitting position is less tiring and promotes concentration and better performance. A superior workchair is an investment that pays for itself over and over again, especially when you consider that good posture helps to prevent back complaints and RSI.

A good work chair or sit-stand stool is essential.

More and more people do their job sitting or partially sitting and standing. In the office and in industry in particular, many employees are tied to their seats for a large part of the day. At first glance, this type of work does not seem to be a burden on our body. So we don't easily see it as a cause of absenteeism. However, that is unfortunately often the case.


A small deviation from the correct sitting posture can eventually lead to irritation, fatigue and a reduced concentration. Over time, the first health complaints will occur, such as pain in the neck, back, shoulders and thighs. With the possible consequence of long-term sickness absence and all associated costs. Incidentally, such complaints do not only occur with sedentary work. They can also occur if people are in the same position for a long time or frequently make the same movement.

To prevent health problems and reduce absenteeism, a good work chair or sit-stand stool, tailored to the user and the work, is essential. It will also increase job satisfaction and thus productivity. A good work chair or sit-stand chair is an investment that pays off quickly.