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A key advantage of the laser as a tool is the small focal spot size of the laser beam. Thus, in the extreme case, cut channels with widths of just 15 µm can be produced. This precision also applies, e.g., to corner radii and sharp cut edges – making the laser particularly interesting for HF applications.


Large bandwidth

The range of options available with LPKF ProtoLasers comprises:

  • Cold ablation of various thin films with picosecond lasers. Use of ultrashort pulses opens up completely new possibilities in material processing. The pulse width is so short that virtually no thermal effects arise in the vicinity of the point of impingement on the material. The ProtoLaser R4 is hence suitable, e.g., for machining delicate layers for OLED lighting or complex thin-film solar cells.
  • Gentle machining of laminated materials such as FR4 boards with lasers in the “green” range of the visible light spectrum. The ProtoLaser S4 is predestined for surface machining of PCB materials.
  • Precise machining of ceramics. The ProtoLaser U4, which is equipped with a UV laser source, structures, e.g., metal layers on ceramic substrates (Al2O3), can score ceramics, and is outstanding for processing of LTCCs (structuring, cutting, and drilling).



Processing a RF Filter with the LPKF ProtoLaser U4



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