Martin Hotbeam 05

2,000 W Infrared Under-heating System

The high performing underheater in IR technology. This device is perfectly suitable for hand soldering tasks on mid-size and heavy PCBs. The under-heating system can be usedsimply and comfortably in the various operating modes (consistent power, consistent temperature and profile) via the intuitive menu navigation. The innovative heating-management system ensures a reproducible circuit board temperature without overshooting at the highest long-term stability.



The Auto-Profiler feature determines required device settings (profile) automatically for the user. The exact desired circuit board temperature is attained by executing the profile learned automatically by the device. Working processes become safer and more efficient. The IR lamps, which are protected by a glass plate, are independently switchable. This makes cleaning of the hot area easy and simple. Furthermore, the under-heating system can control devices (e.g. for removal by suction) or configure them in such a way that they become activated by external devices (SPS or foot switches). The EASYBEAM software allows for the sorting, editing and writing of profiles via a USB connection.



Key Features:

  • Format: Flexibility in terms of the circuit board’s shape and size; up to 200 x 250 mm are able to be processed.
  • Performance: Hotbeam and Smart Desolder combination for the perfect rework.
  • Flexibility: Preheating circuit board for the subsequent Rework process, throughto curing and cracking of underfill.
  • Process control: Use of temperature profiles via PC software.
  • Process reliability: Various operating modes, e.g. for consistent power, consistent temperature and profiles.
  • Ergonomic workstation: Table mount available.


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