GW Instek PPX-Series

Programmable High-Precision DC Power Supply

The PPX-Series programmable high-precision DC power supplies include six models; PPX-1005(10V/5A/50W), PPX-2002(20V/2A/40W), PPX-2005(20V/5A/100W) ), PPX-3601(36V/1A/36W), PPX-3603(36V/3A/108W), and PPX-10H01(100V/1A/100W). This series has the output low noise (0.35mVrms) and fast transient response characteristics (<50μs) of conventional linear power supplies. It also provides constant voltage and constant current priority output modes, and the series can also set the voltage and current rising/falling slew rates separately, and the delay time for the output to be turned on and off.



The PPX-Series has four current levels and two voltage levels to provide users with high-precision measurements, and via the Data Logger function, the measurement records can be stored in the USB for long-term measurement and recording of IoT devices, portable devices, wearable devices, and sensor components.

In order to extend the use time of portable devices and wearable devices, manufacturers are not only committed to improving the operating efficiency of the circuit, but also reducing standby power consumption as much as possible. In order to satisfy users’ low-power measurement applications, GW Instek has launched the PPX-Series with current measurement resolutions (0.1μA, 1μA, 10μA, 0.1mA) and voltage measurement resolutions (0.1mV, 1mV) to provide power for portable devices and wearable devices. When the device enters the sleep mode or the standby mode, the PPXseries can still measure the subtle current changes of the DUT.


The PPX-Series provides the Test Sequence function, which allows users to arbitrarily define output waveforms. The voltage rising or falling time and the voltage maintenance time of each step can be set. For the operation, users can directly edit parameters on the front panel of the PPX-Series, or the CSV file can be edited via computer and imported into the PPXSeries, and the PPX-Series can be remotely edited. In addition, the OCP Delay function of the PPX-Series allows users to flexibly adjust the time to enable the over-current protection according to the characteristics of the DUT to protect the DUTand at the same time to test the current change of the DUT within a certain period of time.

Other than voltage, current, and power measurement, the PPX-Series also supports temperature measurement. While collocating with a K Type Thermocouple, the temperature range can be measured from -200°C ~ +1372°C. Supported standard communication interfaces include USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485 and optional GPIB interface.

Key Features:

  • CV, CC priority start function.
  • Four levels of current measurement resolution (min. 0.1μA) / two levels of voltage measurement resolution (min. 0.1mV)
  • Power output ON/OFF delay function
  • Adjustable voltage and current slew rate
  • Bleeder circuit control
  • Delayed over-current protection(OCP Delay)
  • Sequential power output function
  • Remote Sensing function
  • Data Logger
  • 10 sets of memory function
  • Over voltage protection, under voltage limit, over current protection, over temperature protection, AC alarm function
  • Supports K Type thermocouple temperature measurement
  • Interfaces: USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, Analog Control; Opt: GPIB
  • Size: 3U high, in line with 1/4 Rack.


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