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Ergonomic sitting contributes to good concentration and performance. A good ergonomic chair is an investment that quickly pays for itself. Especially when you take into account that an ergonomic posture helps prevent back injuries and RSI.

At Score an ergonomic chair does not have to cost more than one day of absence from work!

The right seating solutions ensure that you can do your job in a healthy way. Every day we are busy improving workplace situations, so that people can do their work in a healthy and pleasant way. With a team of fifty employees we at Score work every day on the best ergonomic chairs such as saddle stools. These seating solutions are exported to over fifty countries.

Ergonomic seating is the solution for a comfortable workplace. At Score product developers work every day on seating solutions of the highest quality. These ergonomic company chairs and accessories are developed from our factory in Tolbert. View our extensive product range.


A good work chair or standing aid is essential
More and more people are doing seated or alternating seated and standing work. Especially in the office and in industry, many workers are tied to their chairs for a large part of the day. At first glance, this type of work does not seem to put much strain on our bodies. So we do not easily see it as a cause of absenteeism. Unfortunately, however, this is often the case.

A small deviation from the correct sitting posture can eventually lead to irritation, fatigue and reduced concentration. After a while, the first health complaints appear, such as pain in the neck, back, shoulders and thighs. The possible result is long-term sick leave and all the associated costs. Such complaints do not only occur with sedentary work. They can also occur if people stand in the same position for long periods of time or if they frequently make the same movements.

To prevent health complaints and to reduce absenteeism due to illness, a good work chair or standing aid, geared to the user and the work, is essential. This will also increase work pleasure and thus productivity. A good work chair or standing aid is an investment that quickly pays off.


Free trial placements
Score makes it possible to try out the chairs without any obligation. For a period of two weeks you can get a chair on trial. You can choose a chair yourself. Of course you can also get advice from a Score dealer and information about ergonomic sitting and working. During the trial period you can test how the chair will perform in your work situation.

ESD Line
Static electricity is created after friction between different (synthetic) materials. If you touch metal, for example, or a less desirable "ESD sensitive component", you will experience small shocks when discharged. Annoying for you but also harmful for e.g. the electronic component you are working with. The result is high repair and/or replacement costs. You can prevent this by having an ESD safe workplace (EPA). ESD stands for Electronic Static Discharge which means discharge of static electricity. By using conductive components and upholstery on our chairs, discharge occurs continuously from the chair through a conductive floor to a grounded point in the workspace.

Score has a complete line of approved ESD safe chairs, which can be equipped with a 1Mohm resistor for controlled discharge. Here the motto applies, "no charge, is no discharge". Score ESD chairs and footstools comply with the standard IEC 61340-5-1 and have been tested by the "SP Technical Research Institute" from Sweden.



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