New LPKF CircuitPro 2.7 for ProtoMat

Easy to operate and with high functionality

The new Software supports the following ProtoMat Systems:

S-Series (S43, S62, S63, S64, S100, S103, and S104), E-Series (E33, E34, E44), D104, H100, X60

With the newest release of the most powerful CAM software and machine interface for PCB milling systems for prototyping, CircuitPro 2.7 brings the greatest benefit to our customers with ProtoMat S62, ProtoMat S100 and also the top-end ProtoMat H100.


Many of those systems have been running for more than 10 years andthis newly refreshed, user-friendly CircuitPro 2.7 should help to motivate designers and operators to use these older systems more and more. They will be no longer limited to separate CAM processor and machine control software BoardMaster – all previous software functionalities are included in the new CircuitPro 2.7 in addition to new convenient features to make any ProtoMat operator’s working day easier. In cases where a ProtoMat system is in a shared-use environment, user access levels can be set to protect the system set up at an admin level, while allowing occasional users to safely process their boards while being guided by wizards.

All existing users will benefit from full Windows 10 support, improved fiducial recognition algorithms, reworked communications protocols and reworked codes for faster processing.

For ProtoMat S64 and ProtoMat S104 users, new templates also make blind and buried via processing possible in 4-, 6- or 8-layer multilayers.

Almost all new generation LPKF ProtoMat systems can be run with the CircuitPro PM 2.70 software. It also supports the LPKF ProtoMat S62 and S100 systems, which have  previously operated with the CircuitCAM and BoardMaster software.

CircuitPro PM 2.70 is protected by a license key, available free of charge to users of LPKF ProtoMat E44 (CircuitPro Basic Version), S64 (CircuitPro Basic Version), S104 (CircuitPro Advanced Version) and D104 (CircuitPro Advanced Version) systems. Users of other ProtoMat systems can purchase CircuitPro PM 2.70 (CircuitPro Advanced Version) or try it 30 days for free.

Contact LPKF Sales Back Office to request a license key or get a quote for a license key. Please provide us with the full company contact information and machine information, including the serial number of the ProtoMat system.



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