ChemtronicsĀ® IPA Presaturated Wipes

Product Description

IPA Presaturated Wipes remove solder paste, inks and other contaminants. These highly effective cleaning wipes are ideal for all general cleaning applications. IPA Presaturated Wipes are well suited for touch-up cleaning of automatic printer stencils and cleaning of semi-automatic printer stencils during and at the end of production runs.

Presaturated Wipes contain ultra-pure 70% electronics grade isopropyl alcohol and 30% pure deionized water. The wipes are available in a center pull pop-up canister.


  • Plastic Safe
  • Lint free
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Flammable
  • Regular Cleaning Strength


Typical Applications

IPA Presaturated Wipes are engineered for cleaning:

  • Screens & Stencils
  • Cables
  • Hard-line Coax Cable
  • Metal & Fiber Optic Cable Splices
  • Printed Circuit Boards

IPA Presaturated Wipes are generally compatible with most materials. As with any chemical product, component compatibility must be determined on a non-critical area prior to use.



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