FINEPLACER® lambda 2


The Ultimate Tool for Opto Assemblies

Sub-Micron Bonder

The all-new FINEPLACER® lambda 2 builds on its acclaimed predecessor to set new standards in precision die attach and advanced chip packaging for opto-electronic assemblies and more.

The completely revised bonding platform can be easily configured for a wide range of applications for process development or prototyping. Numerous process module options and in-field-retrofit capabilities guarantee maximum technological flexibility to protect your investment in the face of ever-changing challenges.

Due to an ergonomic machine design and software-supported user guidance, the user remains at the center of action. Powerful optical systems allow the user to keep an overview at all times, even when working in the sub-micron range.

The FINEPLACER® lambda 2 shares a common module range and innovative operating software with Finetech's automatic bonding systems to ensure a seamless process migration to series production. Ask us about our scalable solutions.

Key Facts

» Sub-micron placement accuracy

» Numerous bonding technologies (adhesive, soldering, thermocompression, ultrasonic)

» Superior optical resolution

» Individual configurations with process modules

» Wide range of controlled bonding forces

» Data/media logging and reporting function

» Full process access & easy visual programming with touch screen interface

» Fully manual or semi-automatic machine versions

» Excellent price performance ratio




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