Tap the Third Dimension with Our Innovative Video Microscope – Technoscope 3D

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3D Images – Perfect Ergonomics for Your Quality Control and Production

Beside classic stereo microscopes, digital 2D video inspection systems have been introduced to the areas of quality control and intricate precision work due to their improved ergonomics. However, image capturing and display on the monitor have been confined to the 2nd dimension up to now. Therefore, precision work under the camera requiring spatial coordination or the assessment of topographical structures and defects are hardly possible.

Technoscope 3D closes this gap. Profit from the benefits of Technoscope and increase the efficiency of your quality control and production.

Your Benefits:

  • High-resolution 3D image material makes fatigue-free working possible
  • Ergonomics at the workplace is paramount
    An upright sitting position and a relaxed arm position are the prerequisite for the effective handling and viewing of smallest parts during assembly and control. The amply dimensioned free working space enables you to position the monitor directly behind the object. A round back resulting from viewing the image through an eyepiece or a twisted upper body posture when viewing the monitor are now things of the past.
  • “No Latency” for highest-precision work
    Movements are displayed in the 3D image without latency. This means real-time handling, which enables you to work faster and more precisely.
  • Uncomplicated commissioning and simple handling
  • Fast documentation of the work results                                                    
    A screenshot can be made by pushing a button anytime and the frozen image can be saved via USB stick/network or used for further processing.


  • Quality control, high-throughput visual inspection tasks
  • Precision work, such as assembly of smallest components, connector assembly, solder joint inspection, etc.
  • Monitoring of spatial structures (crystallography, materials science, etc.)

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