The Most Powerful Tool for Lab & Research

Multi-Purpose Manual Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico 2 is a multi-purpose, manual die bonder with placement accuracy down to 3 µm. Quick to set up and easy to operate, the system is ideal for fast and flexible product development and prototyping in R&D labs and universities.


The table for a thousand ideas

QUADRO is as changeable as the products that are created on it. Tailored to the complex work processes in assembly, laboratory, QUADRO does not allow any research institutions or apprenticeships wishes open. You can design it exactly how you want it and the purpose requires it.

LPKF ProtoLaser H4

Best from both worlds on the table: fast and straight drilling without taper also on thick substrates and fastest surface processing with minor to none surface damage.

Main Applications – IR Laser
Precise structuring / ablation /laser etching of conductive metal layers on:

  • Standard FR4, single, double-sided, 5-35um Cu
  • Some RF materials, PTFE or ceramic filled, double-sided, processed only on a one side
  • Dupont Pyralux AC, Al on PET
  • ProMask ablation
  • Line / Space: 100 µm / 50 µm


Nano Dimension - DragonFly IV

Build, Test, and Iterate Electronics in a Single Day

A multi-material, multi-layer 3D printer that generates entire circuits in one step — including substrate, conductive traces, and passive components.

Nano Dimension is the pioneer and provider of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) technology – an alternative in-house method of fabricating printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic devices.

We’re also not just changing the scale of production, we’re changing the scale of products, with Fabrica 3D precision micro AM printers that can craft details down to the micron level.

Siglent SDS6000A Series Oscilloscopes

SIGLENT presents a new flagship 2 GHz oscilloscope and continues to expand advanced product capabilities.

Ever higher switching and signal frequencies in modern devices lead to growing demands on measurement technology. The right bandwidth of the measuring device is a basic requirement for the accurate measurement of these signals. A low-noise input stage and a high sampling rate are important to ensure high signal integrity. The new oscilloscope series SDS6000A from Siglent addresses these requirements. The operating concept is well thought out and intuitive enabling measurements to be configured quickly and increases efficiency in the laboratory.


KARL Workplace solutions for Industry, Research, Education and Logistics

Workplace success factor

Ergonomics. Functionality. Design.

Modern research has long known that a workplace is more than just a place where people work. Efficiency and safety can be sustainably increased through the needs-based conception and design of the places where people perform their daily work. Investments in future-proof workplaces are therefore not an end in themselves - they sustainably increase productivity and the quality of performance. In this way, the workplace becomes an element of corporate success.


MARTIN - 30 years of experience in Rework and Dispense solutions.

Our equipment focuses on precision and innovation. “Made in Germany”

MARTIN specializes in the development and production of innovative Rework and Dispense systems. Together with Finetech, MARTIN is the leading supplier of industrial solutions for SMD assembly repair. When developing our products, we work closely with customers from various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical technology, consumer electronics, semiconductor industry, universities and research institutes.


Score, seats to suit!

A good and healthy sitting position is less tiring and promotes concentration and better performance. A superior workchair is an investment that pays for itself over and over again, especially when you consider that good posture helps to prevent back complaints and RSI.

A good work chair or sit-stand stool is essential.

More and more people do their job sitting or partially sitting and standing. In the office and in industry in particular, many employees are tied to their seats for a large part of the day. At first glance, this type of work does not seem to be a burden on our body. So we don't easily see it as a cause of absenteeism. However, that is unfortunately often the case.



Separating pre-scored PCBs up to 1,500 mm in length with a minimum of stress

Separation of milled PCBs up to a length of 1,500 mm with a minimum of stress on the components.

The MAESTRO 6 is the consequent further development of the proven cab PCB separators. Even very lengthy PCBs can be separated fast, economical and without stress.

The carriage power unit is assembled behind the linear blade. This crucially simplifies the separation and removal of the PCBs.


Fluke test and measurement tools

Keeping your world up and running

Since its founding in 1948, Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries. Every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or facility built today represents another potential customer for Fluke products.




Engineers of light

Make use of our extensive experience in industrial lighting. Waldmann has for decades represented German quality work at the highest level. Waldmann offers "customised light", according to the task and the environment. Industry customers benefit from exclusive solutions for industrial luminaires and the broad application know-how based on the experience with innumerable system solutions, which leads to synergy effects. With our experience you can realise the sustainable and caring management of energy: whether with luminaires for machines or workplaces or hall lighting. You will also find special solutions in our portfolio, for example, for ESD protection zones. As pioneer in the development of highly efficient lighting systems, we can offer you perfect solutions from a single source. To this purpose, we accompany you throughout the entire process: from consultancy to planning through to installation of the lighting system. Efficient light technology for machines or plants, industrial workstations or ceilings (LED light strip systems) saves on energy costs and protects the environment.


NetAlly Network Testing Tools

When it comes to network testing and analysis, NetAlly is the #1 ally of network professionals around the world. As an industry leader for more than 25 years, our best-in-class tools and software enable your team to more effectively plan, install, validate, and troubleshoot vitally important wired and wireless networks.


Nano Dimension | Electrifying Additive Manufacturing


DragonFly IV is a fabrication device for Additively Manufactured Electronics that makes shape truly follow function. With its game changing technology, it allows freeform shapes, enabling you to find novel solutions to development challenges, thus enabling new devices and designs. It allows a seamless, one-step manufacturing process from digital design to functional devices.


PBT Works | Cleaning Systems

Our machines remove any contamination from electronic assemblies, tools for the electronic assembly processes and delicate mechanical parts. Everywhere, where cleanliness really matters.